When you incorporate the pillars of yoga into your everyday life, you don't only do yoga, you live it. Read below how you can incorporate yoga into your daily life by doing more than the physical practice...

If you follow people who do yoga on Instagram or Twitter, you've probably seen this hashtag: #yogaeverydamnday. It's become a kind of rallying cry, a way for yoga lovers to feel connected and to affirm their commitment to this practice. But is it practical for the average person? I’m going to say yes, as long as you are very open-minded about what yoga is. It doesn’t have to be 75 minutes of intensely physical yoga in a class setting. It doesn’t have to be a physical practice at all. Here are 5 ways to have yoga be a part of your every day routine...


-the physical practice of yoga, typically relates to the poses or postures of a yoga practice.

This is the most obvious way to do yoga every day. However, your asana practice doesn't have to mean a 60 minute sweat session in studio. On days you don't go to class, you can practice on your own at home with a morning or evening routine. Focus on 5 - 7 poses and you'll end up with a great short asana practice. Stretching at your desk also counts and will improve your workday!


-the practice of breath regulation.

Yes, you are breathing constantly throughout your day, but you're not conscious of how you're breathing. Pranayama refers to controlling your breath for specific results. It is a great way to get in a little yoga each day because you can do it almost anywhere. Try a few of these breathing techniques for different ways to relax and take some time for yourself while practicing the 4th limb of yoga, breathing.


-a discipline used to reach a deeper state of awareness by observing the mind.

Never tried meditation? People who meditate regularly report big results with just a little time invested, for meditation has so many benefits. Establishing a consistent time to meditate helps since it's hard to just decide to do it in the first place. First thing in the morning or just before bed are popular times. Try searching for 'guided meditation,' pop in your headphones, and give it a go! Find what style best suits you and at least try.


Turn up to work or school with a positive attitude. Let that car merge in front of you even though you are in a hurry. Hold the door for the person behind you. Be patient with your kids or the rushed barista at your local coffee shop. These are all ways to bring your practice into your daily life, which is one of the biggest goals of yoga. It's not just about what fancy moves you can do on the mat. It's about making life off the mat more pleasant for you and those around you.


You Some people (you know who you are!) take care of everyone else before themselves. It can be an admirable quality, but it’s very depleting in the long term. The sooner you realize that you have to take care of yourself in order the care for others, the better. Many things can fall under the title of self-care and it’s going to very different for each person. Restorative yoga, working out, reading, eating healthy foods, getting a haircut or massage, therapy, housework, even making sure you get to the dentist regularly.

Wait, if housework can be yoga, then anything and everything can be yoga! And that's pretty much the idea. Anything you do with an attitude of improving your quality of life and therefore the quality of others' lives you can count as your yoga for the day. All of a sudden, #yogaeverydamnday seems within your reach, right?