Resolutions vs. Intentions. Instead of setting yourself up for a disappointing January filled with broken promises, set intentions instead. As another year during one of the most challenging times in history draws to a close, it may be time for a revolution in resolutions. Intention setting is less about a specific goal and more about a shift in mindset to help achieve that goal. Keep reading for tips on how to set intentions instead of resolutions for the New Year…


Resolutions vs. Intentions

As we go into 2022 most of us experience an inevitable refresh, fresh start feeling that hits us with some momentum. With this sweeping energy we may set resolutions to ‘better’ ourselves. Needless to say, if (or when) you break that resolution to yourself, we tend to get upset and downright hard on ourselves. And then we’re worse off than where we started.

Resolutions are hard and fast goals that are either achieved or broken, intentions are broader ideas. Think of intentions as the beginning  of the dream or desire you want and a resolution being the actual end goal. So, let’s change the conversation of New Year New Me from an end point (resolution) to a journey (intention.) By doing this it is more likely to be successful without the risk of failure. 

Of course, deciding to examine your emotional energy and make some positive intentions requires more time than say, vowing to work out every day or meal prep more. If you’re not sure where to begin when crafting your New Year’s intention, ahead are some tips to get started…


This sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes having a narrow, specific goal can be detrimental and lead you to disappointment, The broader the intention, and more holistic, the more nourishing, the greater chance you have of actually seeing yourself making real gains throughout the year. Focusing on one thing can be self-sabotaging, so aim to make your intentions general and achievable.


Ask yourself this tough question: If I wasn't afraid of what anyone would say or think, what would I want or feel? As human beings, we are often swayed by what we think we should do. Taking our fear of judgment out of the equation can really bring a sense of clarity and openness. Envision a world in which no one cares what you choose to do, and go from there.


It's important to look back and reflect on your year, but only so that you can course-correct. When you're always looking in your rear-view mirror, you're obviously missing what's happening right now in the present moment. Instead of wishing you would have done things differently, or framing your goals as bad habits you need to correct, allow yourself the opportunity to step into a new experience.


Phrase your intention as if it's happening right now. Instead of saying, "I will," start your intentions with "I am." Wording matters a lot whenever you're making a goal, and it can affect the energy and opportunities that are brought to you. It’s not so great to think of it happening in the future, think of it happening now!


Remember: You're allowed to change your mind and change your own "rules.” "It can be a huge stressor when we force ourselves to stick with a goal instead of allowing ourselves to be in the flow. Instead of checking in with your goals at certain intervals, just notice how things unfold. Maybe what you feel or want has changed. Let yourself have that luxury, we’re human!