Protecting your energy should be of top priority. But with the busy lives of today it is easily affected by the world around us. Read on for 3 ways to protect your mental energy by setting safe boundaries...


That Protect Your Mental Energy

People are resilient beings, and we can usually handle a lot before our emotional energy tank is totally depleted. But before you know it, you might be running on empty and wondering how to get your groove back.

Your mind and body are connected, they are never separate. A certain thought, response, conversation or emotion can trigger your sympathetic nervous system which can start the biological stress response in your body. Which is why it is important to set healthy boundaries and place your mental energy behind them.


Ask yourself, does my nervous system and energy have the capacity to fulfill this request?

If no, be honest and reply "I do not have the capacity to commit and say yes to this right now." If you say yes, you'll drain yourself with the energy of resentment towards the other person and yourself.


Social media is a very stimulating energy exchange.

Be intentional with your use of it. If you're using it to 'distract' you or avoid heavy emotions, it will subconsciously stimulate and amplify those emotions until they are felt, understood, and released.


Gossip usually involves negative thinking about others.

The emotions stimulated from gossip are often very heavy - full of judgement and shame. As you indulge in negative thoughts, your brain makes neurotransmitters and neuropeptides that create heavy feelings inside you.

You can’t control others or the world around you, but you can control your reactions and the ways you choose to manage stress and your emotional energy. Before you know it, your energy levels will be back to normal — and you’ll be able to live your most vibrant life!