About Us

Favad Malik

Owner of Yoga London

We arrived in Bonneville County from London in 2016 to develop a network of wellness genre businesses using my passion for world class customer service and employee empowerment creating opportunities and making these businesses the natural place of choice for both employees and customers.
The idea was born out of my own successful experience employed in personal financial wealth management over 25 years in London teaching me how family, health and wealth are so connected. Together with my wife, Alice’s worldwide experience and expertise in the sports injury massage therapy business our alliance was forged and lead us to acquiring and building the Massage Envy Ammon brand in 2016.

I have been blessed to have been mentored by and to have managed the best and most humble my former industry could offer and so it has become my vision and inspiration to pass this on to my colleagues today so that our community can benefit.

Who we Are

Yoga London was started with the sole purpose of helping to bring Yoga to the community. As we interacted more with the community after moving to Idaho Falls a few years ago we realized there were a lot of people asking us about yoga. Obviously, the community was asking and ready for somewhere they could continue to grow or begin their journey with this 5,000 year old wellness system. We gathered like minded individuals who have a passion and drive to share yoga and together we have created Yoga London.

What we Do

Whether you are new to yoga, always wanted to try, or a die hard yogi or yogini we want to provide you with a safe, beautiful, inspiring place to embark on your journey. We offer classes for every BODY and every AGE. Our goal is to lead you and teach you what Yoga really is on and off the mat.

Why we do it

There is no better feeling than helping others reach their full potential. We truly want to show you how yoga can transform your life not only physically, but in other facets including mentally and emotionally. We look forward to guiding you on your yoga journey and what we hope will become a life-long passion.