Manifesting Workshop

Jan. 2, 2022

Manifesting Workshop

New Year, New You

Sunday Jan. 2, 2022

9:30 – 11:30 am

$25 per person

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Join us as we welcome in the New Year and a new you! The goal of this workshop is to get the body moving and get the energy flowing so we can visualize and create exactly what it is we would like to happen in our lives this year.
This workshop will start out with optional essential oils as we start talking about ways to bring awareness to what we want to create; followed by 45 minutes of vinyasa movement in our hot studio to get our imagination flowing and our blood pumping. You will then be guided through a meditation to allow you to visualize, imagine and bring light to what it is you would truly like to see shift/change/happen this year, whether it be on a professional, personal, spiritual, emotional or mental level.
You will be provided journals to write down anything you wish at the end, allowing your thoughts and ideas flow freely to make what you want to happen, happen!
This workshop will be help January 2nd, 2022 from 930a – 1130a. The cost is $25 per person. Bring your mat, towel, and water. Journals and pens/pencils will be provided.