Specialty Classes

Barre Fusion

Have fun and jam out to upbeat music in our new Barre Fusion class. Combining your love for yoga with your favorite barre exercises, Barre Fusion will help to create long, lean muscles as well as improving your strength and stability. Your legs and booty won’t be the only muscle groups reaping the benefits of your efforts. Focus on your breathing and your intention as you warm-up. Transition into an arm-sculpting section with optional added weights. Strengthen your abs during core exercises. You will experience a full body workout as you safely transition back and forth from your mat to the dance bar in this exhilarating class! Unheated.

Chakra Flow

This energizing and revitalizing practice focuses on churning and waking up kundalini (energy believed to be held at the base of our spine) and our pranic (life force) energy. This awakening has been shown to help clear out the stagnant energy that can come from too much stillness as well as the chaotic energy of holding on to too much stress. Practiced in the hot studio, this class will increase stamina and endurance while the body moves through repetitive movements at various paces. We will then work the energy up through the 7 chakras and spend some time in seated meditation to refine the energy. Your practice will be complete as we end with a savasana to surrender and relax into the body. You will leave feeling refreshed and more in tune with yourself. Heated.

Livestream Yin

Unlike Yang yoga (vinyasa and power) which focuses on the muscles, Yin yoga focuses on stretching the connective tissues (the fascia and the ligaments) to strengthen and lengthen them. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes each to move energy through the body and actively stretch the connective tissues increasing strength and flexibility, improving joint mobility and posture. This class combines the active stretching of Yin with the meditation and deep relaxation of Restorative yoga to leave you feeling rejuvenated, restored, and balanced.