Specialty Classes

Specialty Yoga Classes

  Yoga London Specialty Kundalini Class IconKundalini

Take your practice to the next level with the best of both spiritual and physical practice. Linking movement, dynamic breath, chanting and meditation into a nice well rounded energy healing yoga to awaken your kundalini or life force.

  Yoga London Yoga Nidra Class IconYoga Nidra

Find Peace and achieve the deepest possible state of relaxation on your mat! Improve your ability to handle stress, get better sleep, reduce feelings of rage and anger, lower anxiety and depression symptoms and receive pain relief from arthritis. Our instructors will walk you through the process with a series of set cues, holding space for you, so you can experience all the benefits of this ancient practice of “yogic sleep.” 

  Yoga London Vinyasa Yoga Class IconVinyasa

Link movement and breath seamlessly to attain balance in the mind and body with this dance like flow. 

*Any class in Hot Studio will be heated to 88 degrees, 40% humidity.

  Yoga London Specialty Morning Flow Class IconMorning Flow

Begin your morning with a fun and spirited class that will energize and motivate you for the day ahead.

  Yoga London Vinyasa Yoga Class IconPilates Mat I

Strengthening and aligning exercise that focuses on core . Practice ranges from beginner to intermediate as each movement will have modifications to best challenge you. Great to build muscle tone while being gentle on joints. 

  Yoga London Vinyasa Yoga Class IconBaptiste Power Vinyasa

A 53 pose series that will strengthen, stretch and transform your body. Through a 60 minute class in a room heated to 90 degrees, students are encouraged and challenged to explore the possibilities within their physical bodies. The physical practice is accessible to anyone looking for physical, mental and emotional transformation, no matter your level of fitness.

  Yoga London Vinyasa Yoga Class IconBarre

Barre is a fusion of ballet, pilates, yoga and aerobics. It is a very powerful class using a ballet bar, and yoga mat that will strengthen, sculpt and get you in amazing shape! Done to upbeat music so you can jam while burning calories. You won’t even notice you are working out because you’ll be too busy having fun. Come get those thighs, butt and abs you’ve been dreaming of!
No dance or yoga experience required.

  Yoga London Vinyasa Yoga Class IconB Fit Danz

Turn up the music, set your intention, and get moving on the dance floor. Mindful movement takes on new meaning in this supercharged dance workout! BoogalooFIT Danz expands upon the original term “boogaloo”, a Puerto Rican word which referred to an emerging style of latin rhythms and moves in the sixties. This modern interpretation similarly fuses popular beats and dance styles worldwide in a workout unlike any other. Reap the benefits of a cardio interval class while learning new moves in this high energy atmosphere. This class breaks down moves step by step building up to a dance routine. The sequences provide balanced conditioning on both sides of the body while burning fat, toning muscles, and strengthening the core. Free your mind and body in this soulful pumped up dance flow!