Meet our Instructors

Misti Cassels

Years of ignoring a shoulder injury and later dealing with post partum depression left me in a world I didn’t recognize. A heated yoga class found its way into my life and for the first time in a long time my pain subsided, my spirits lifted, and I knew I had found something incredible. I was able to take a 200 hour teacher training in 2014 where I was introduced to a confidence I hadn’t felt years. I’ve loved being able to share my practice and my journey with others on the mat in all different varieties of yoga. I am drawn to the movement that yoga offers and the peace that comes from deliberately breathing, inviting a stillness in an ever chaotic life.

Anna Gruel

Yoga has helped me develop and maintain a mind-body conscious lifestyle. Prior to yoga, my overall health and fitness was fair. I was careful to try fitness activities; I lacked strength, coordination, and confidence.
After a sledding accident in 2002, my doctors and physical therapists suggested I try yoga to build strength, balance, and flexibility; relieve pain; and prevent injury. Yoga helped me heal and learn that my body is made to move and feel good. Yoga has improved my overall athletic performance. I participate in all levels of fitness activities: hiking, swimming, golfing, skiing, and running marathons! An added benefit from the mind-body awareness prompts me to re-examine what goes inside my mind and body space.
In 2016, I enrolled in my first of several yoga teacher training programs. I teach Vinyasa, Power, Gentle, Yoga Sculpt and Barre Fusion.
In my classes I will guide you
to breathe in connection with your mind and body,
to move at your body’s ability,
to sweat,
to increase your flexibility through stretching
to manage stress through breathing techniques and relaxation poses
Yoga has become a way of life for me and I continue to expand my knowledge and share it with others. My goal is to help you in your fitness goals, gain appreciation for your body and its abilities and develop and maintain a healthy mind-body connection.

Michelle Hill

Michelle is an active wife and mother of 3 children. She loves spending time with her family, finding ways to volunteer in schools, church, and community, working in the garden, and being outdoors.  In the winter, she loves to read and study various topics she wants to dive into.

In 2010 Michelle was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune condition. One gift from that challenge is that yoga has become an integral part of her disease management and overall life balance!

In the summer of 2019, she completed requirements for her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate and in 2020 an additional 200 Hour certificate specializing in Restorative Partner Yoga. Michelle loves sharing yoga with others and expanding her limits through regular personal practice, and by participating in community and virtual yoga classes.

Brittney Croft

I’m Brittney and I fell in love with yoga in 2016. I did my first teacher 200 hour course and found that yoga was the perfect blend of challenging my body, and expressing self-love. I used to spend so many hours trying to beat my body into shape doing the “All American” mantra of harder better faster. And yet with two hours of Power Vinyasa per week I grew into the strongest body I had ever had. I found quiet strength, and a workout I didn’t have to talk myself into.

When I’m not doing yoga, I’m chasing four babies and teaching them school. I love to hike, ski, rock climb, garden, and go for long meandering bike rides with my kids.

After 10 years as an ER nurse, I hung up my stethoscope in June of last year and focused all of my professional time helping people balance their gut health. I’m really excited to add teaching yoga back into the mix.

Yoga stills the mind, calms the heart, and strengthens spirit, mind, and body.

As I share yoga with you, my goal for you is to have the same experience I found-to step off the mat feeling strengthened and full of love for yourself.

Angela Fusselman

My name is Angela Fussleman and I have a passion for adventure, life, yoga, and happiness. I believe yoga is for everybody and every body. I believe in blending self-care into yoga practice to strengthen one’s soul. I encourage all variations of yoga, life, and beginnings. I have been practicing yoga since 2004 and teaching since 2018. With my 200 RYTT, I hope to help my students on their own journey of discovery into their body and themselves for their fullest potential.

In my free time I enjoy finding any adventure outdoors, biking, hiking, skiing, running, and anything involving my husband and fur babies! I love a good meal, some call me a foodie, but I simply call it hungry! I truly do my best to enjoy every breath and moment in life. My meditation and yoga practice help me stay present in these beautiful moments both on and off the mat.

I look forward to sharing and holding space for each one of my students. Namasté you beautiful souls!

Ty Davenport

I’m a simple guy that loves yoga! The Asanas, Pranayama and meditation of yoga have allowed me to ground into my wonderful life and enjoy every moment. I love going into a class and within 5 minutes feeling the weight of the world drop off my shoulders. I strive to allow that for all that join me in their yoga practice.
I enjoy incorporating mudra, mantra and sound with yoga. Accessing the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the body and soul.

Yoga London Staff

Sherrie Rohner

Studio Manager

Taylor Call

Front Desk Associate