Meet our Instructors

Anna Gruel

Why I yoga: to feel connection to myself and my community. Yoga makes me feel connected, strong and balanced. I came to yoga to heal an injury in 2003. I furthered my practice by certifying to teach through two Yoga Alliance trainings for 500 hours which include Yoga Philosophy, Traditonal Yoga Principals, and COREpower training. I instruct power yoga to high school student athletes and muVmethod yoga stretch to dancers.

In my class: You will go to Your edge safely within your ability connecting your body to your breath

Hobbies: I love life. Some of my favorite things and hobbies are all four letter words! LOVE, LIFE, YOGA, GOLF, HIKE, SKIS, TRIP, FOOD, BOOK, WINE. I live life to the fullest pushing myself outside my comfort zone like running half marathons and learning about other cultures and people by traveling all over the world. I enjoy discovering new experiences especially in the outdoors.

Come yoga with me, let’s connect, let’s laugh, let’s fall in and out of poses and just be in the moment.

Shannon Meacham

Shannon grew up in Seattle and Tampa, though one of her favorite addresses was in Black Rock City, Nevada at Burning Man. She combines her degree in psychology and 20 years of bodywork in her love of yoga. She is registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 500 hour teacher. Shannon teaches many different varieties of yoga. She regularly leads sound therapy meditation with her crystal singing bowls in groups or private sessions.
She is a mother of three and always has three or four books she’s trying to get through. Her other loves are nature, road trips, and dressing up.

Lisa Arnold

When I started practicing yoga it was mostly for pain management and to gain strength. When I
began practicing regularly in the summer of 2016, I knew I wanted to study the deeper meanings
behind the practice. Not necessarily to teach, but for my own knowledge. I knew yoga could help
me deal with stress and life in general. Things felt different and good and I kept being called
back to the mat to breathe, listen, and just be present. I found my pain was becoming more manageable through pranayama, asana, and meditation and I was feeling more like myself than I ever had before.

I dedicated myself to the study of yoga. In the winter of 2017  I attended and completed a 300 hour YTT to immerse and study the philosophy in our beautiful home of Idaho Falls, ID.  I began teaching right away. In the spring of 2019 I traveled back and forth to Jackson, WY completing a 100 hour Yoga Immersion. I am a student of yoga and always will be. I’m also a teacher.

There’s so many benefits of yoga, and I try to convey that energy to my students in hopes they find a spark of passion for the practice and how working through things that are hard on the mat can translate to other areas of life.

Kassie Johnson

Kassie started practicing yoga close to 20 years ago and has been teaching for the past 3 years. Originally attracted to the fitness aspect of yoga; over the years has evolved and connected with the spiritual and mental aspects. Deeply grounded into feeling your body and empowering people to try new movements.
She received her yoga training as a member of the Idaho Yoga Co-op and worked diligently to receive her 300 hour Yoga teacher training. She is currently working to be a registered instructor with Yoga Alliance.
Through her 300 hour certification she was able to train in many different yoga disciplines including Traditional, Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Bikram, Restorative, Hot, and some Acroyoga. She is so well rounded in the field of yoga and we can’t wait to see all the variations she will be sharing with us!
Kassie was previously an instructor for the Idaho Falls Mountain View Hospital Pre Natal program, the Idaho Yoga Co-op, and has taught at various retreats throughout the state.

Misti Cassels

Years of ignoring a shoulder injury and later dealing with post partum depression left me in a world I didn’t recognize. A heated yoga class found its way into my life and for the first time in a long time my pain subsided, my spirits lifted, and I knew I had found something incredible. I was able to take a 200 hour teacher training in 2014 where I was introduced to a confidence I hadn’t felt years. I’ve loved being able to share my practice and my journey with others on the mat in all different varieties of yoga. I am drawn to the movement that yoga offers and the peace that comes from deliberately breathing, inviting a stillness in an ever chaotic life.

Cathy Hawke

I first experienced yoga when I moved to Florida from Idaho in 2001. A friend invited me to try a Bikram yoga class, which I never heard of before. It was intense, overwhelming and invigorating. I’ve never sweat so much in my life. Somehow I was hooked. I craved this new kind of energy. I began to try different yoga styles through the years I lived in Florida.
In 2010 I moved back to Idaho. I became a mom of two beautiful children. I lost touch with my practice and with myself. I began searching for a way to reconnect with my internal self that I felt so disconnected from. I heard a yoga teacher training was taking place in our own town of Idaho Falls and I immediately signed up. The teacher training came into my life at the perfect time. While my external world was crumbling, yoga kept my internal world at peace. Learning pranayama (breath work) and meditation kept me grounded in a new way. I completed my 300 hours of YTT in July of 2018. After personally experiencing how yoga transformed my life, I knew the next step was to teach. I dove right in! I fell in love with the energy that is shared in a class.
In the spring of 2019, I continued my education by completing another 100 hours in Jackson, WY. Diving deeper into philosophy, pranayama, and asanas. Practicing with grace & leading with the heart is what truly imprinted with me during that immersion. I practice that daily and look forward to sharing that knowledge with you at Yoga London.


Nicole Packer

 Nicole Celeste Packer is passionate about living life to the fullest.   She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mind Body Empowerment Specialist know for her “rapid transformation” strategies.  “Nikki” lives an active lifestyle and teaches private and group classes as a certified fitness instructor and Yoga Alliance RYT (registered yoga teacher).  She has a broad base of experience in movement and yoga studying traditional and modern wellness approaches including biomechanics with world renowned  instructors such as Jules Mitchell, David Emerson, Todd Hargrove, Greg Lehman, Tiffany Cruikshank, and Amy Ippoliti.  As the founder of Retreat Into Life,  she  organizes festivals, retreats, and workshops and presents nationally and internationally. This includes the creation of the local Fuel and Flo Fest, designed to assist others in cultivating fulfilling relationships with their mind, body, spirit, and community.  She is the creator of YogaFUEL Flo and LifeFULL Meditation, which integrate principles of traditional wisdom, modern science, and her own innovative style, creating experiences that invite others to deepen their connection with beauty and joy in their lives.  In additon to yoga and meditation,  she also teaches wellness classes locally and online.   She enjoys people, music, reading, dancing, cooking, traveling, laughing, studying the brain and body, and just being alive!  She is a wife and mother, and her energy is known to be quite contagious!  She  loves to have fun which is reflected in her creative and interactive programs which have impacted the lives of thousands of individuals world wide.  

Sarah Krieger

I am a wife and mom of three. I have been practicing yoga for twelve years. I took my yoga teacher training in spring 2018. I grew up in San Francisco and I’ve lived in Idaho for almost two years. My family and I have done yoga all over the country and we have benefited from it greatly. I’m excited to teach children, teen and family yoga because the health benefits are extraordinary.  

Ty Davenport

I’m a simple guy that loves yoga! The Asanas, Pranayama and meditation of yoga have allowed me to ground into my wonderful life and enjoy every moment. I love going into a class and within 5 minutes feeling the weight of the world drop off my shoulders. I strive to allow that for all that join me in their yoga practice.
I enjoy incorporating mudra, mantra and sound with yoga. Accessing the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the body and soul.

McKaye Richardson

 Yoga introduced itself to my life as a teen when I broke my neck in a gymnastics incident; it was my means of rehabilitation. Since then yoga has become my lifestyle. I love how it strengthens you in all aspects of life–spiritual, mental and emotional.

 As a teenager, I took my newfound passion for yoga and completed a general 200 hr yoga certification through Bodhi Yoga Alliance. I have since continued my education in Therapeutic Partner Yoga, Pilates and now the 26&2 Hot yoga series. I teach with a spirit of playfulness and always share a dose of inspiration. I intend to foster an environment where you will find yourself enlightened and leave the mat feeling rejuvenated

Growing up in Southern Idaho, McKaye was active in many sports and outdoor adventures; though by age 12, committed her life to the competitive world of gymnastics. She had occasionally practiced yoga, but it wasn’t until she broke her neck in a traumatic career-ending gymnastic incident and was diagnosed with Crohn`s disease, that yoga became her way of life. McKaye found yoga to alleviate her chronic symptoms, diminish neck and back pain and center herself spiritually and mentally. At age 18, McKaye certified with Bodhi Yoga Alliance in hopes of sharing the same freedom yoga has blessed her with. McKaye is continually in pursuit of furthering her yoga education as she has attended additional training in hands-on adjustment, partner yoga, and mat Pilates and now the 26&2 Hot yoga series… Join her as she assists you in your transformational journey of yoga and creates a space for you to find physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Keysha May

From retail to Private Investigator to now helping others investigate the power they
have within themselves. I was introduced to the path and experience of Yoga Nidra. I
am very passionate about this practice as it leads to deep personal transformation. I am
excited to share and help guide others to awaken to their true nature.
In 2014 I was led to study under Dolores Cannon, founder of QHHT (Quantum Healing
Hypnotherapy Technique). I love this healing technique and have seen it help so many
people when everything else had failed.
My curiosity has kept going to find further ways to heal myself and assist others in their
own healing journey, which led me to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Energy
Healing and Solfeggio Tones. I am currently in the process of sprinkling all of the above
in to a unique healing modality of its own.
I look forward to our journey together through our inner landscapes at Yoga London.



Justina Gooden-Helton

Hi! My name is Justina. I have been practicing yoga for eight years. Six years ago, I fell in love with the Baptiste Methodology and have been practicing it ever since.  I was initially drawn to the dynamic physical practice and I appreciated that the instructors met me right where I was. I was struck by how they encouraged me to keep showing up saying that by “just showing up fully” I was doing the work. Almost immediately I started to see changes in my body and mental state. More importantly, I saw how yoga reflected my life off the mat and I wanted to delve deeper.

Eventually, I realized that I needed to share Baptiste yoga and hopefully have a positive impact on the world around me. I’m now a credentialed Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor and as a part of the Baptiste Power Yoga Certified Teacher Development Program, I’m constantly training and growing in the practice and I’m thrilled to share it with as many people as possible!

Lacey Carter


I started dancing at the age of three and have continued throughout my adult life. Teaching in Idaho, Arizona and Washington. I am a wife and mom to a large blended family. Recently I found myself suffering from breast implant illness that eventually resulted in a full mastectomy. Barre classes have been incredible to help build back my range of motion, flexibility, strength and overall wellness. I love teaching, dancing and connecting with others.

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